Just a few days ago during the mishegas with the Speaker elections and threats to force a voluntary default, I started thinking about Mint the Coin again. I'm so glad to see this event coming up and hopefully a lot of publicity around it.

While I'm not optimistic that the coin will actually be minted, it's an opportunity to educate folks about the way our monetary system works.


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Since it's meant to buttress the economy, perhaps it's better to refer to it as the "Trillion Dollar Quoin."

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Inflation, whatever it's mark, will be recognized as Dr. Kelton has already indicated, not a monetary inflation - also as the Fed's papers on topic confirm.

The Debt limit should be full on addressed, undemocratic and unconstitutional - at the point of 'inability to pay'. The only question is 'how to fund the deficit?'.

But the Coinage laws will need to be respected and last time I looked there was no authority in our monetary statutes for the Treasury to mint and issue any coins larger than a $50US Commemorative Coin. "the Secretary's discretion" stops well below the $$TRILLIONS..

Rather than shoehorning unlawful trickery, why not take back the money-issuing power to the sovereign people of the republic?

Debt-free at issue. In permanent circulation. Like Greenbacks were.


Just saying.

The Money Apprentice

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What a panel!

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Nice job on the Mehdi Hassan show this eve!

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