Yes, global supply chains are a mess. Yes, consumers are frustrated, paying through the nose for new and used vehicles, petrol, housing, and even blue …
In April of this year, I published a fairly long piece in The New York Times, arguing that Democrats should be thinking hard about how to roll out Pres…
A few days ago, Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth of Kentucky announced that after sixteen years in Congress he would not seek re-election in 2022. Y…
Slides from a recent presentation
Relax. This isn't about the debt ceiling, budget reconciliation, or any of the beltway drama. Just a personal update.
But should we tell the masses?
Democrats should pick the low-hanging revenue fruit and grab some easy cost-savings by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug costs.
Ask not, "How will you pay for it?" Ask, "How will you resource it?"
The only wining move is not to play
MMT is not and has never been about getting central banks to "print money" for the government
Why It's a Swing and a Miss For Me
I know this game. I watched it from the inside.